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The Gorbauuch Podcast

As avid high fantasy fans we've started our own podcast in collaboration with Sounds Like an Earful. It's set in the Gorbauuch Arms Inn - an inn where the fire crackles, the ale flows quick and true, and the colourful innkeeper has a tale or two for the likes of weary travellers. There are more dangers than you'd care to know out there in the wilds surrounding the town of Amberly, but the Gorbauuch Arms always has a, mostly, safe place to hang your hat and have a pint.

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A stranger arrives in town and the Innkeeper takes it upon himself to warn him of strange goings-on in the area that could be a sign that the demon Gorbauuch is about to arise once again.


On a quiet, rainy night in The Gorbauuch Arms, the innkeeper warns a new adventurer in town about the dangers of hunting wolves, particularly in the woods surrounding the town of Amberley.

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